Helping Clients Protect What They Have Earned

Helping Clients Protect What They Have Earned

The one thing that every divorce has in common is the need for property valuation and division. Many spouses do not have children. Many do not need to establish a spousal support arrangement. But everyone must decide how to divide property and debt. Marital property division can be extremely complex if the parties are high net worth individuals or share extensive assets such as a family business, real estate holdings, stock portfolios, or pension benefits.

The Ballinger Law Firm has extensive experience helping clients develop creative solutions to complex property division problems. We regularly work with forensic accountants to determine the best division of property, and also work to uncover hidden or commingled assets, and conduct reliable business valuations. Located in Charleston, South Carolina, we represent individuals and families in the Tri-County area and throughout the Lowcountry.

Take Action

Attorney Beverly K. Ballinger will take immediate action to protect your assets. For example, we could obtain a court order to prevent either party from utilizing certain bank accounts or credit card accounts to ensure marital assets and debts remain in place until they can be properly addressed through settlement negotiations, mediation, or courtroom proceedings.

Protect Your Assets

If you are considering divorce, you should know that the actions you take now have legal significance and could affect the final outcome of your property settlement. I t is crucial to hire an experienced property division lawyer early on in the process to protect your interests and pave the way for a smoother, more streamlined division process.