"work[s]... to resolve cases amicably"

"will not be bullied"

"will go the extra mile"

Ms. Ballinger was the consummate professional (with a personal touch). She had a demonstrated knowledge of the intricacies of Family Court, and I cannot state enough how pleased I was with how my divorce was handled, and the favorable results achieved. Her billing was always straightforward, and was detailed, so I knew I wasn't being taken advantage of. She was always reachable, and would answer my questions directly. I am a "get to the point" kind of guy, and Ms. Ballinger never wasted my time. I quickly learned that anything I was asked to produce was to facilitate a smoother court process. She knew what would fly, and what wouldn't. Many times her competent Legal Assistant could resolve issues I had.
As an old retired Army Sergeant, I wish to offer anyone looking for a divorce lawyer the following advice: Our unit had an astronomically high divorce rate, and I personally witnessed at least 20 divorces. My observations from the good and bad outcomes were these: The most successful outcomes always seemed to hinge on these three factors:

1) A divorce lawyer who only practiced family law. The frequently changing divorce laws needs a specialist, not a "jack of all trades".

2) A lawyer who has practiced in your area for a long time. It can't be stated enough how important it is for your lawyer to know, and be known, by the courtroom personalities. Knowing what various judges will focus on pays dividends. That only comes with long term experience in a particular jurisdiction.

3) A Female Lawyer. (Especially for guys). They always got much better results than male lawyers did, representing both husbands and wives. I won't speculate on why that is. What I do get is that a female lawyer understands "her kind", and cannot get bamboozled by another femme.

The above criteria is what I used to decide on a lawyer. Ms. Ballinger met and surpassed them, with results that exceeded my expectations. In my opinion, she is a five star (plus!) rated lawyer. If you are searching for a family court attorney, Ms. Ballinger should be it.

- MSG Pete

Beverly is an amazing attorney! Divorce is such a life changing event and she was patient and kind throughout the entire process, as well as incredibly hard working. She spent countless hours guiding me step by step through every phase of my divorce, taking the time to answer all my questions. Beverly and I stood before the judge last week. WE HAD AN AMAZING OUTCOME! The judge ruled in my favor on every issue. Two major victories included being awarded sole custody of my daughter, AND I will receive a very generous amount of alimony each month. We had several other victories that day but custody of my daughter with the support to care for her was so important to me. Beverly stood up for me (and my daughter) and fought hard to protect us. I would confidently recommend Beverly to anyone in need of an attorney.

- Molly.

Choosing a lawyer for my situation was a daunting task. After researching my options, I finally decided to choose Beverly Ballinger. What an excellent choice it turned out to be! Beverly's attention to detail, knowledge of family law and careful guidance never failed me throughout my case. Beverly's ability to communicate and explain complicated legal issues helped to ease my mind. Whether in mediation or court, Beverly argued for me and utilized her impeccable professionalism to defend my best interests. Beverly's work ethic was second to none, and she conscientiously fought for me every step of the way. She is a truly remarkable person and attorney. I am fortunate and thankful Beverly Ballinger was on my team!

- Michael.

Ms. Ballinger meticulously dotted every applicable "i" and crossed all necessary "t"s through the legal process of my divorce. There is understandably, an overwhelming stress in a life change such as divorce. Yet, Ms. Ballinger professionally handled the legalities, so that I could focus on my children and the family life I felt necessary to preserve. She kept me involved in my case and helped adequately prepare me for court. I've since confidently recommended her to friends and have sought her advice and service in off shoot circumstances of my case.

- Anonymous.

Beverly Ballinger is a superb attorney who is very client oriented. She is a zealous advocate of her client's rights who after learning the facts, explains her client's rights under the law. She will always inform her clients of the options available and works with her clients to develop a plan to achieve their objectives. She encourages her clients to attempt to negotiate a reasonable settlement when possible. If not, her extensive litigation experience gives her the background to be very aggressive when necessary. She is detail oriented, extremely persistent and diligent, and always well prepared. I am an experienced trial attorney and law professor, and when I found myself in crisis with imminent need of a family law attorney, I hired her. She left no stone unturned in her efforts on my behalf. She provides high quality representation at a reasonable cost. She knows the family court system well.

- Warren.

Beverly has helped me with getting the maximum alimony and protection from an abusive husband. She has fought for me every step of the way. She has been professional and respectful while getting the help and support I have needed. I am truly glad she is in my corner.

- Karen.

Beverly saved my relationship with my kids and made it possible for me to preserve my 50/50 custody time. I was an out-of-state transfer with a confusing set of A/B scenario orders. Also, the opposing party added to already muddied waters with some bizarre allegations and affidavits in attempts to diminish my parenting time by tarnishing my reputation. Beverly helped me sift through medical, school and personal records to deflate the allegations and show the truth. She guided me to the right people for testimonies and prepared a solid case. At the initial hearing she was able to clearly show the judge why the 50/50 order should be upheld and got the ruling to back it up. It was a huge blessing to our family as it made it possible for me to raise all of my children together. Without her expertise and attention to detail I may have only had every other weekend.

- Josh.

Beverly Ballinger is an exceptional lawyer who, as a result of years of experience, is able to assess and evaluate the needs of each individual case and then use her skills as necessary in order to achieve the desired result. Bev's success is driven by her ability to work well with her peers in order to resolve cases amicably and by her reputation for being prepared and willing to try cases when necessary."

Tom. - Fellow Lawyer In Community

I walked into Beverly's office on April 5, 2015 for a consultation, broken mentally and anxious to how I will begin again after 21 years of marriage. I was spiritually led to her office and I planned to retain her expertise ten minutes into our conversation. Keep in mind, I had already met with two other counsel, located in West Ashley and North Charleston, before I decided on Church Street.

I trusted Beverly's many years of experience to resolve my issues, which she did with her female "pit bull" demeanor, as my ex-husband stated after being face-to-face at the negotiation table. Beverly's "kick - - - - attitude" took down his lawyer; he was gracious enough to peacefully represent himself at the final hearing.

Beverly became my voice and secured my heart during my time of transition and renewal of my life. She, along with her competent Legal Assistant, witnessed my life change from a low-level state employee to an Executive Director of a rewarding non-profit educational agency. Both ladies celebrated my excitement with me during the early stage of my divorce proceedings.

I endorse Beverly Kay Ballinger as your Divorce Attorney, as she is a quiet storm you want to characterize you. To that point, she left nothing on the table in my Separation and Property Settlement Agreement, which included a division of all assets.

- Lynette.

Beverly Ballinger is a top lawyer. Beverly is known as a lawyer that will go the extra mile to move your case through the court system and fight for you. I was active duty military at the time of my case and Beverly helped with all aspects of my case including working with the military, local police, doctors and the guardian ad litem. She answered all of my questions, developed a course of action and was able to adapt to any and all changes in my case. In court, Beverly Ballinger stands up for you. Beverly will not be bullied by anyone. Beverly gained my trust and confidence, and in the end I gained full custody of "My Girls" and received monthly compensation from my ex-wife. If you want a Lawyer that will work for you Beverly Ballinger is the lawyer in Charleston that I recommend for your family court needs.

- Jason.

Beverly did a fabulous job representing me on behalf of my daughter and I cannot thank her enough. She taught me that being nice isn't always appreciated, and you have to be strong. I will never forget what she did for us and I strongly recommend her as your family law lawyer.

- S.

As Beverly Ballinger was highly recommended to me, I would also fully endorse her and her legal services after having worked with her. Her knowledge of the family court is impressive. She guided me through the divorce process and gave me sound advice at every turn. She gave thorough, concise explanations of the process and answered all of my questions honestly. She helped me prepare for all of the possible outcomes of negotiations and hearings. I liked her straight forward approach. Ms. Ballinger is a professional in every sense of the word. When she walks into the courtroom she is fully prepared and represents her client's interests. She is polished and poised and she is definitely someone you want in your corner.

- Chris.

This section contains testimonials and past results obtained by Beverly K. Ballinger. All cases are different, and your case may differ from the matters in which these results were obtained. Each client's case must be evaluated and handled on its own merit. Past resolutions do not guarantee future results, and testimonials are not necessarily representative of all clients' experience with the firm. These testimonials and results do not describe all results ever obtained and are not necessarily representative of results obtained.

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